Monday, 29 February 2016

A Little Touch of Spring with the Seville Cropped Cardigan

I just tested one of the best most versatile cardigan patterns that will easily become a staple in my daughter's wardrobe. One of my struggles with kids clothes is how short they are able to wear each piece of clothing due to the seasons changing. Ah the joys of life in Canada.

Enter the Seville Cropped Cardigan by Terra's Treasures - a super cute cardigan with 2 options of either long sleeve or mid sleeve length. Oh and the best part about this cardigan is that if you choose not to top-stitch, this entire knit project can be made on your serger! I was selected to test the mid sleeve option and couldn't be happier as I am busy getting clothing sewn up that can double as resort wear when we head to Cuba in May.

The outfit above features the Seville Cropped Cardigan in a mystery white jersey knit with decent 4 way stretch, the Emily Dress by Mummykins and Me with Free Motion Applique Puppy Dog from Winter Wear Designs. The tights are of course Abby's Footed Tights from The Wolf and the Tree.

As you can see with these 2 very different outfits, this pattern is extremely versatile when sewn up in a neutral colour. Some of the testers used some very bright and fun prints and I love how they turned out too - so I will no doubt need to make a mix of both. Join the Terra's Treasures Facebook Group for an extra special discount code on this pattern (to make it free!)

This outfit features the same Seville Cropped Cardigan but this time I switched it up and made a Girls' Weekender Tunic from 5 out of 4 Patterns with a high low hem in a short sleeve version. The fabric is from a flawed mystery box I bought from Sweet 'n Charmed custom fabric. There were some real gems in that mystery box! I love how springy this outfit feels. It makes up for the face that it is -10 degrees celsius outside (14 F) and very snowy... but seriously doesn't that Tunic just make you want to spin in circles?!


I'm impressed I managed to fit in 1 current and 4 older pattern tests into 1 blog post!

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  1. Oooh! really like that cardigan. Very cute.

  2. Super cute! I might have to grab a copy, my daughter loves cropped cardigans.