Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Non-Traditional Valentines Outfit - with Go To Patterns

I've read you just need to "jump right in" in order to learn blogger so here it goes.

My very first post.

If I counted right I have completed 28 pattern tests with 14 different pattern designers in the last 11 months. I'm a serial pattern tester and I love it. I also wrote every paper in university the night before it was due, so there might be some history there. I'm a deadlines girl. I need a deadline or it will linger in my to do pile for eternity.

I was chosen a few months ago as one of the Brand Ambassadors for Go To Patterns. It has been really fun sewing up some of the patterns. I love some of the photos I took on Sunday. It's cold and wintery here so they were taken indoors but luckily it was a really sunny day out so the lighting was great.

The two patterns I used were the Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado and the Go to Leggings by Go To Patterns. The tri rainbow fabric is a gorgeous custom knit I ordered from Yvonne at Black Rabbit Fabrics. The only pattern modification I made was to sew on the heart like an applique rather than make it into a pocket like the pattern calls for.

We had so much fun taking these photos. For some reason she kept wanting to stand on her head. I can't complain because it made for some pretty cute shots.

She even put on her butterfly wings and tutu (gifted to her last Christmas by a good friend who made them!). I love this photo because it shows off the pinks in the fabric!

So there it is, my very first blog post. That really wasn't so bad, I think I'll do this again some time!

Cheers, Michelle

PS I haven't totally figure out the settings yet so if you are interested in checking out some of my past pattern test projects you can check out my instagram feed  @michelledschuh


  1. Oh I love this!!!! So cute and beautiful photos :)

  2. Nice job! Love the fabric combo!!

  3. Very nice work. I love the Sailor Top, the women's version of the Skipper Top.

  4. Photographing kids is always interesting! Love the outfit!

  5. I love the bright, colorful fabric you used for the pants and the heart. It is perfect for a little girl! Great job. :)