Friday, 4 March 2016

Pattern Test: Over Under Racer with KBSD

I'm pretty excited for this next one because it is the first time I have sewn any workout gear for myself. I don't know about you, but I always run faster if I look fast.... and I definitely look fast in the new KB Stitch Designs Over Under Racer. I ended up using a mix of swim knit and power type mesh for this tank. I didn't have quite enough length so I used a band instead of hemming. I also did binding around the neck and armcycles and love how it turned out.

I am not a winter running fan. As soon as the weather gets below -10 Celcius, I am no longer having fun. I blame it on poor genes and even poorer circulation. Luckily, we have been having an extremely mild winter for Alberta. I was able to run outside twice last week after work in sunny, +10 weather. I managed to catch a bad cold virus this week but come next week I will be back at it again. 

I'm all signed up for Melissa's 10km road race in September, a grueling 10km run with quite a bit of Elevation gain in the Rocky Mountains. My last Road Race was The Other Half in Moab, Utah in 2012. It was by no means my personal best since I managed to find myself 15 weeks pregnant on Race Day.

I'm really hoping for a personal best this year. My run jacket has a quote on it that says "Run with your heart, not with your legs". I think that might be my motto for this running season. In fact, I should probably make myself another Over Under Tank that says just that.

Cheers! Michelle

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