Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Wardrobe Sewing for La Corolle Baby

When I heard about this doll clothes blog tour I just had to sign up. My hubby and I bought this cute little doll for our daughter's birthday months ago. I had all these grand ideas of all the clothing and accessories I would sew for her to gift along with the doll. Well, the birthday came and went and the ideas stayed ideas. Fast forward to fall and what do you get?!? Christmas Sewing! That's right, this poor doll who has had a very small wardrobe up until this point will be getting a beefed up wardrobe come December 25th. Doll clothes are the PERFECT stocking stuffer for an imaginative preschooler like mine.

I decided to make her a simple outfit using 2 free patterns I found online on a blog called Arts and Crafts for your Bitty Baby Doll. If you're into making doll clothes there are a number of free patterns to try using this website. The first I used is a sleeper for the bitty baby 15 inch doll. My daughter has the 14 inch Mon Bebe Classique by La Corolle. With only one inch size difference I figured any pattern meant for the Bitty Baby Dolls by American Girl would have a close enough fit. The second free pattern I used is the Bitty Baby + Twin Hat pattern.

The instructions for the sleeper and hat were basic but definitely detailed enough if you have a general understanding of sewing knit garments. I love finding free patterns that work out well too! Unfortunately it looks like that last post is from 2014, so I may have to draft some of my own patterns using hers as a guide. (we'll see if I actually have the skills for that or if they just turn into a big flop!)

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this little outfit turned out and I look forward to putting more of my scrap pieces of cotton/lycra to good use sewing up more stocking stuffers and finally building this little baby doll's wardrobe. (by the way this fabric is one i've made stretch a LOOOONG way. It's the tri-rainbow from Black Rabbit Fabrics and this second run is in stock until it sells out.)

Cheers! Michelle

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