Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Petite Stitchery - Perfect for all seasons!

So - first my disclaimer. I was provided all three patterns shown in this blog post for free by Petite Stitchery and Co but all thoughts are my own. I also initially planned to have this post ready for the end of April (oops!) but life got in the way and now it is the end of May and 29 degrees celcius on photo day. I think summer has finally arrived in Alberta! Although it was a little hot for long pants and long sleeves today, I am excited that they are big enough that they should fit through fall and winter as well. My daughter still fits in all her size 3 clothing but they are all starting to get a little short in the legs and sleeves so i've started to make her size 4's so they fit a little longer.

When I saw the Rosemary Cowl Crop pattern, I was instantly drawn to it. I love making double duty clothing so something that is reversible is a huge bonus in my books. Plus, look at the absolute cuteness factor! We also need long sleeves for 80% of the year so sweater and sweatshirt patters work great for us. I am super happy with how this pattern went together. I've never made a reversible sweatshirt like this but i found the construction to be fairly straightforward and the instructions were clear and easy to read. I will be making more of these in the future! This gorgeous cotton lycra knit is currently open for preorder with Black Rabbit Fabrics.

The next pattern I chose was the Willow Dress and Tunic. I tend to shy away from woven patterns because I have had a few that didn't turn out so great and I'm more familiar with knits. I was assured that I could totally make this one and guess what, I rocked it! Well, at least I think I rocked it, you can be the judge. I love this top so much that I really want one for myself! I ended up upcycling an old dress shirt for the main parts of this tunic and then used pre-made bias tape as well as new material for the back lace accent. Let's hope this classic white top stays white by the end of the summer. I can already picture the grass and ice cream stains all over it!

The third pattern I made was the Fawn Leggings. I have made quite a few different leggings patterns before so I always like when there's a little something different with the pattern. For these leggings I used a brown jeggings style knit and for the tuxedo stripe I used cotton lycra. I love the little pop of colour with the tuxedo stripe. My daughter has requested another pair in purple, pink, and green. I believe those are the favorite colours du jour.

If you like my project, please check out Petite Stitchery and Co. and if you like my fabric check out the preorder at Black Rabbit Fabric which is open until June 9th.

Until next time!