Saturday, 14 October 2017

Canada Cups - Coming Unwired

Another year..... another lingerie blog tour. At least that's kind of how it seems! This year for Canada cups we decided to focus on unwired lingerie like bralette's, nighties, and bodysuits. We also chose to stay local - so every pattern made for this tour was designed in CANADA! How cool is that?!

For my project, I elected to use 3 separate Ohhh Lulu patterns. The Romy Bra, the Ultimate Lace Panties, and the Celeste Panties patterns. If you remember back to last year, I also used mostly Ohhh Lulu patterns. My chest size is a 33 inch bust with a 29 inch underbust so I technically don't fit into the Ohhh Lulu sizing because i'm an inch too small. The Ohhh Lulu patterns are not layered so when you print out the pattern, all sizes are printed. I ended up drafting a small size by hand by following the sizing difference between the other sizes and i'm loving the fit of how it turned out! This is the 2nd bralette I've tried this one and both fit great so it definitely opens up the entire pattern lineup for me. You can see my first Brallette on Instagram here.

For these 3 pieces, I used a combination of cotton/lycra with a lace look that I got through a destash as well as some stretch lace that I found locally. I also used some white fold over elastic (FOE) and ligerie elastic. Part of the straps/loops and back piece were actually upcycled from an ill fitting bra that I could not wear anymore. I took a few phtos as I was sewing to show the process a little better...

I find bralette's to be incredibly comfortable. They are wonderful for wearing around the house with loungewear or under baggy sweatshirts.... I am personally a big fan of foam cups much of the time though due to the whole nipple issue (although i hear it's "in" to show them off these days). Sarah from Ohhh Lulu has instructions on her blog to add in a foam cups as well as to use cut and sew foam padding. I definitely see myself experimenting with these in the future to move my weekender bralette's into the every day rotation.

I have to say, sewing lingerie can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is also a lot of fun. Plus, you might be able to sew too many tshirts, but you can never sew too many bra and underwear sets!

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Cheers! Michelle

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  1. Lovely lingerie set, Michelle. How smart to use the grading already on the pattern to size down. That's great you can now use more of Ohhh Lulu's patterns.

  2. Hmmm... last year they told us cleavage was out -- just as I developed some!
    This year nipples are in -- when I've gone to great lengths to hide them for 35 years!
    What will they do to our boobs next year?

  3. Great fit! Are all the pieces comfortable?

  4. So cute!! Love those lace undies!!!

  5. Beautiful job Michelle - what a gorgeous set! I love the colours - so soft and feminine.

  6. I ned t pull out my stretch lace- so inspirational - Taksnh oe