Friday, 1 July 2016

O Captain! My Captain! A new swimsuit from The Wolf and the Tree

I've been testing for Saskia Smith with The Wolf and the Tree (aff. link) for awhile now. So far, all of the patterns I've tested have been much loved staple patterns that I've been able to use again and again. This new swimsuit pattern, O Captain! My Captain! (aff. link), is no exception. There are literally too many top/bottom combinations for me to count. (Although I'm sure someone who can math well could probably figure it out.)

I pre-tested this pattern using one of my most favourite swim fabrics, a wonderful grey and white striped swim knit with mint polka dots from Marshall Fabrics in Edmonton. I've also used it for a swimsuit of my own, posted here. I love the print on this swim knit and I also love that it's not the typical bright pink princessy colours you see for toddler girls suits in the stores. This is an early version, so fit has changed a little, but the overall looks is very much the same. The top is the full length tankini with short sleeves. The bottoms are the regular rise with yoga band.

For the Official Test, I changed it up and made the colourblock bikini length with short sleeves. I found an awesome ladies swimsuit at a local thrift store which I was able to cut up and upcycle into this suit. I didn't have quite enough of the pattern/purple so I did add in some pink sleeves from a swim knit I had on hand.

I also did up another tankini length top with long sleeves in this solid hot pink swim knit. I love having the option of a long sleeve top for the sun protection (and extra warmth in cooler water). Plus the hot pink top matches great with the patterned bottoms as well as both of the swim and surf shorts I made a few weeks ago and blogged about here.

This pattern has a massive size range of 12 months all the way up to 14. My little one is only in size 2T now so I forsee MANY uses of this pattern over the next 10 or so years. Oh, and there's talk of a Ladies pattern, so I guess she'll be covered for life! Don't forget to grab your copy of O Captain! My Captain! (aff. link) while the pattern is on sale for $8.

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Cheers! Michelle

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  1. I just made two suits from this pattern for Cimery. I had to come back to double check your bottoms to see if I had done them correctly. I had, but I hate the outcome. The way she guides you to sew in the liner is funny and gathers the front at the crotch line... and you can see it from the front. I think I'm going to do a redo on the bottoms using an underwear pattern.