Friday, 27 May 2016

Gazelle Biker Shorts - The Wolf and the Tree Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be a part of this blog tour for The Wolf and the Tree! (affiliate link). I've already written about Gazelle here but I'm back with another pair of biker shorts "AKA Run Shorts"

I love longer run shorts. No matter how good of shape i'm in, I always have a little thigh chafe after running unless I'm wearing proper spandex (long) run shorts. I have a pair that I truly love from lululemon (bought long before I started sewing clothes) but at $60 per pair, I've been making it work with just the one.... and let's be honest, a girl needs more than one pair!

...enter the Gazelle. I made a pair of biker shorts length during testing out of a mystery thicker cotton lycra to try things out and although they do work for running, I'm a little worried about their non-wicking capabilities. I set out to find some athletic wicking knit at my amazing local fabric store Marshall Fabrics and was able to grab some deep blue athletic fabric for $14.99 per meter (and I only needed 0.7 meters!). 

So, basically I managed to make myself a brand new pair of run shorts for $10.50 CDN and about 30 minutes of sewing time. I used the lowest rise and made the yoga band double wide. I tested them out this week and they work great. Best of all, hubby looked at me all ready for my run and said "did you make those or buy those" to which I replied, "I made them", and then he said "wow, good job". I will take that as a sewing win!

Somehow, I managed to go from running in jacket, pants, toque and mitts on Monday to running in (unfortunately store bought) tank and my Gazelle shorts on Tuesday. I'm not entirely sure what to think about the current weather situation, but i'm sick of Winter so i'll take it!

I also thought i'd share with you a fun little collage I made mostly from tester pics of many of The Wolf and the Tree patterns. I have a designer crush on Saskia Smith, she makes such awesome staple patterns that I will be using again and again and again and again and again!

You can get your own copy of the patterns HERE (affiliate link). Use the code YellowRibbon to save 25% through Monday May 30, 2016. Be sure to check out the other blogs this week as no two have sewn the same item!

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5/28/2016 Larissa

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